Study: Smoking May Lead to Cerebral Palsy

Smoking Cerebral Palsy Pregnant Women

Smoking can be a hard habit to kick. In fact, it may be one of the hardest things you ever have to do in life. Harder than giving birth? Well, maybe. It depends on who you ask. If you have to do both — quit smoking for the sake of your unborn child and then wait […]

Infant Spina Bifida: What You Need to Know

Spina Bifida Surgery Medical Error

Unless you’re pregnant or perhaps a fan of the hit PBS series “Call the Midwife,” you may not know what spina bifida is or looks like. Many haven’t seen it in person — just through pictures or TV shows and documentaries. However, if you find out your child has infant spina bifida at birth, you can […]

Multivitamins During Pregnancy and Autism Rates

Prenatal Vitamins Autism Best Supplements During Pregnancy

You’ve been taking your prenatal vitamins every morning since you started planning to get pregnant. Now that you are expecting, these vitamins are even more important. Prenatal vitamins before conceiving are essential for the optimal health of the mother to prepare for conception, while prenatal vitamins during pregnancy benefit both mother and budding child. In […]