Acupuncture and Fertility: Does it Help You Get Pregnant?

Acupuncture and Fertility

When you’re looking to become pregnant, there are lots of things you know you should be doing. You’ll probably monitor what types of food you eat, keep track of your ovulation like it’s your second job, and plan for a healthy pregnancy by taking folic acid and cutting out drinking and smoking. Maybe you’ll see a […]

Domestic Adoption Basics: How Hard is It to Adopt?

Domestic Adoption Basics How Hard Is It To Adopt

Bringing a new little one into your home is a big decision. Whether you’re conceiving naturally or trying to adopt, a baby is a lot of work. But with that work comes great reward: You’ll cherish every moment with your bundle of joy, even the tough ones. We talk a lot at Safe Birth Project […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant Tips to Conceive

If you’re looking to become pregnant, there are several ways you can optimize your chances of conceiving at the time you want to. Giving up smoking is a no-brainer, along with eating the right foods, keeping yourself healthy through exercise, and tracking your ovulation. Still, many women struggle to conceive — you’ve probably heard of […]