Bell’s Palsy Risks: Pregnant Women and Infants

Bell's Palsy Pregnancy Birth Injury Nerve Damage

The moment you give birth, your life changes. You’ve endured long hours in labor, and finally, baby is here! The last thing on your mind is you. You’re all about baby in the moment, how she’s doing, if she’s able to feed, and when she’ll be getting all her tests over with so you can […]

Immune System Boost for Baby? Get a Dog

Dogs Babies Immune System Boost

Last updated March 31, 2017. You’ve heard it before — dogs are man’s best friend. We love our pets and they’re an important part of our lives, but many families worry about the health and safety of their children around their pets. Pets, after all, can track in dirt and allergens and expose your little […]

UTIs May Be Dangerous In Pregnancy

UTIs and Pregnancy

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are extremely common – more than 20% of women in America will have at least one in their lifetimes. In general, they’re just unpleasant. They may cause pain or a burning sensation during urination, pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis, and frequent urination. They’re also relatively mild if treated promptly […]