Is ‘Pregnancy Brain’ Real?

Pregnancy Brain

The keys to your car are sitting on the kitchen table, but you’ve been searching for them for the past hour. You think you took your prenatal vitamin five minutes ago, but you can’t say for sure. This mental fuzziness could be pregnancy brain (or “momnesia”) — a phenomenon that new mothers at all stages […]

Postpartum Hair Loss: What’s Normal?

Postpartum Hair Loss

Your body experiences countless changes during pregnancy, from swollen feet and stretch marks to an outward belly button and an enlarged uterus. You may enjoy some of the changes your body goes through, such as the pregnancy glow that many women credit for the smoothest skin and shiniest hair of their lives. That’s why it may be […]

Keto Before and After Birth: Is This Low-Carb Diet Dangerous?

Keto Pregnancy Breastfeeding Dangerous

It’s not always easy to recognize the difference between a healthy eating plan and a fad diet. And when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s not just a casual decision, either. You want to choose the most nourishing foods for you and baby. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, your newborn depends on you for 100% of her […]