How to Find a Lactation Consultant

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When pregnant, many moms focus so much on the birth that they skip right over preparing for help after the birth of the baby. But it’s important to have an idea of where to turn if problems crop up. For most mother-baby pairs, breastfeeding goes smoothly, but for others, issues can start almost immediately. Depending […]

How to Find a Doula

How to Find a Doula Benefits

Whether you’re pregnant or a new mom, you need a support system in place to be there for you every step of your maternal journey. Partners, parents, siblings, friends, and obstetricians can be wonderful sources of support. But there’s another resource available to guide you along the beautiful path of motherhood: the doula. What is […]

Giving Birth with a Heart Condition: New Recommendations

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When we’re pregnant, we can’t wait to hear baby’s heartbeat. It’s one of the first signs of life in the womb. Heartbeats are picked up as a flicker at just 5 weeks gestation, but we can begin to hear them more closely around 8 weeks or later. It’s a special moment to listen in on […]