Pregnancy Craving, or Pica Craving?

Pica Craving or Pregnancy Craving?

Last updated March 31, 2017. We all expect strange cravings during pregnancy — it’s commonly portrayed in TV, books, and movies as a natural part of the pregnancy process. On one episode of “Saved by the Bell,” for example, Mr. Belding’s pregnant wife was craving a combination of peanut butter and ginger ale, while an episode […]

Sleeping While Pregnant: 40 Winks in 40 Weeks

Sleep While Pregnant

Last updated May 24, 2017. You probably already expect to be sleep-deprived once your little one arrives, but did you know that it starts well before the big day? Pregnancy affects your body in many ways, including how you sleep. In this post, we’ll talk about how pregnancy affects your sleep, how safe sleep aids […]