Odon Device May Make Delivering A Baby Safer

Odon Device May Make Delivery Safer

Childbirth isn’t as dangerous now as it was in, say, 1500. But it’s still no walk in the park – about 5 million babies worldwide are stillborn or die shortly after birth every year. And more than 300,000 women die every year in childbirth. Here’s the weird thing: even as medicine advances and we get […]

Pregnancy After 40: Risks and Safety

Pregnancy After 40 Risks

Many women are waiting longer to have children – even into their 40s and beyond. And pregnancy after 40 is somewhat different from pregnancy earlier in life, with its own risks and characteristics. With current medical technology, pregnancy after 40 is safer than ever. But there are still a number of health risks for both […]

Pregnancy After 40: Fertility Basics

Pregnancy After 40 Fertility

Around the year 2000, the average age of first-time mothers was just under 25. Today, it’s 26.3. And that upward trend has continued for years – the average age of first-time mothers in 1970 was just 21.4. Women of Pacific Islander and Asian descent have their first child, on average, at nearly 30 years old. […]