Marijuana and Pregnancy: Just the Facts

Smoking Weed While Pregnant

Last updated Dec. 28, 2017. Marijuana has gone through a lot of ups and downs in public opinion in the past 100-odd years and it’s currently experiencing a serious upswing. Seven states and Washington, D.C. have legalized it for recreational use and 29 more states have legalized it for medical use. Almost half of Americans […]

Zoloft and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Zoloft and Pregnancy

Last updated Jan. 11, 2018. Zoloft is one of the most popular antidepressants in the country — more than 37 million prescriptions for the drug are filled every year. However, mixing Zoloft and pregnancy can expose the baby to certain serious risks. Pregnancy and Mental Health We’ve talked before about how pregnancy can be hard […]