6 Best Apps for Moms to Monitor Growing Babies

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There are countless precious milestones in a baby’s life. That first toothless grin. That little bitty giggle. But there are many milestones that occur before a baby is even born. (Maybe the first time your baby kicked, you wondered if he was destined to be a star soccer player — or samurai?) Now there’s a […]

Signs of a Miscarriage and What to Do After

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A miscarriage is one of the most devastating events that can occur in the life of an expectant mother. If you’ve endured one, you may wonder why it happened to you. Emotions from sadness to anger and everything in between are completely understandable. As heart-wrenching as a miscarriage is, it’s actually fairly common. The Mayo […]

Bell’s Palsy Risks: Pregnant Women and Infants

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The moment you give birth, your life changes. You’ve endured long hours in labor, and finally, baby is here! The last thing on your mind is you. You’re all about baby in the moment, how she’s doing, if she’s able to feed, and when she’ll be getting all her tests over with so you can […]