Is ‘Pregnancy Brain’ Real?

Pregnancy Brain

The keys to your car are sitting on the kitchen table, but you’ve been searching for them for the past hour. You think you took your prenatal vitamin five minutes ago, but you can’t say for sure. This mental fuzziness could be pregnancy brain (or “momnesia”) — a phenomenon that new mothers at all stages […]

Exposure to Pesticides During Pregnancy: What’s Safe?

Pesticides During Pregnancy

There are various things we should limit our exposure to when we become pregnant. Radiation and paint fumes are a couple, such as when flying in an airplane or painting your new nursery. Another is pesticides, which have long been an issue for people who work in agriculture and animal fields, along with their children. Now, […]

New Pregnancy Drug Risk: Acetaminophen and Language Delays

Acetaminophen While Pregnant

We all know that when we become pregnant, we have to limit ourselves in some regards. We shouldn’t lift very heavy objects or drive a vehicle if we become too uncomfortable, and we must make sure to avoid certain foods, like shellfish, soft cheeses, and alcohol. Many types of medicines, including ones we may not […]