Baby’s Heart Rate: What It Means for Brain Injuries

Baby's Heart Rate Brain Damage Birth Injury Lawsuit

When you become pregnant, you trust your doctor team to know what’s best. They advise you about foods to avoid, medicines you shouldn’t take, and why adding more folic acid to your diet could be a good thing. They also help you get ready for delivery and give you advice on how to choose which childbirth […]

Acupuncture and Fertility: Does it Help You Get Pregnant?

Acupuncture and Fertility

When you’re looking to become pregnant, there are lots of things you know you should be doing. You’ll probably monitor what types of food you eat, keep track of your ovulation like it’s your second job, and plan for a healthy pregnancy by taking folic acid and cutting out drinking and smoking. Maybe you’ll see a […]

Breast Cancer and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

Breast cancer at any age is devastating, but younger women also have to consider the impact on their reproductive health. Eleven percent of all new cases of breast cancer occur in women 45 years old or younger: the years when a woman is fertile. Breast cancer and pregnancy have a significant impact on each other, […]