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Why You Should Get the Flu Vaccine

Needles might make you dread the flu vaccine, but the risks you leave yourself exposed to should make you fear not getting it more. A flu vaccine protects you against various types of influenza. Furthermore, a flu vaccine protects you and your child against the flu and possible resulting complications. The Safe Birth Project recommends […]

Pregnancy Tips for Your Third Trimester

The third trimester of your pregnancy is the most grueling. You’re entering the eighth and ninth months of your pregnancy calendar and preparing to welcome your baby into the world. The third trimester requires vital pregnancy tips and information for you to manage. The Safe Birth Project offers the following pregnancy tips to help make […]

Pregnancy Tips for Your Second Trimester

For many pregnant women, the second trimester is regarded as the settling down period. Unlike the first and third trimesters, when your body is getting used to more drastic differences, your second trimester is when some normalcy is restored. You slowly get back your appetite, feel less nauseous, and regain energy. While you won’t feel […]