Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

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Many women are starting to turn away from formula as the only way of feeding their newborn and looking toward breastfeeding as a natural, healthier alternative. There are definitely plenty of benefits of breastfeeding, not just for your baby but for mom too, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Most women (about 60%) who try breastfeeding for the first time will give up after the first six months. This phenomenon isn’t just due to women not having the time to pump breast milk but a variety of issues and struggles that come with the process of breastfeeding. One thing women have to keep in mind when trying breastfeeding for the first time with their baby is that even though breastfeeding is natural doesn’t mean that breastfeeding will come naturally to you or the baby with out coaching or instruction. Sometimes new moms need breastfeeding tips or support to get the best outcome.

Breastfeeding Tip #1 : Breastfeeding is Just Hard the First Time

Like we said above, breastfeeding is no easy ride for most mothers. Generally this can be an issue of just helping your baby find the right location or holding them at just the right angle, maybe you aren’t producing as much breast milk to be successfully breastfeeding 100% of the time, or maybe it could be shape of the nipple or breast that is preventing your baby from latching on properly. The best way for most mothers to prepare for these kind of outcomes with breastfeeding is consulting with family or friends that have breastfeeding tips or going to a lactation consultant who may be able to determine some issues you may have with breastfeeding early on. It’s best to get breastfeeding tips and support wherever you can, especially early on before the baby is born. Knowing that you are not alone and having someone with breastfeeding tips and knowledge can be the difference in making breastfeeding work for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Tip #2 : Don’t be Afraid to Use Formula

Most moms have a hard time producing breast milk 100% of the time and using formula when you can’t breastfeed is not only normal but okay. Moms around the world and throughout time have had exactly the same problem and have needed to supplement babies diets in between when the mother was able to breastfeed or when she was able to produce breast milk. In some areas of the world it has meant supplementing their babies diets with goats milk, pastes, and a variety of mixtures that may not be as safe for the baby as modern day formula to cover the times when breastfeeding isn’t possible. Some women may only be able to breastfeed 60% of the time or even 20% of the time based on how much breast milk your body is able to produce at one time. No matter the amount of breast milk you are still providing health benefits to your baby and should feel proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish.

Breastfeeding Tip #3 : Build a Community

Throughout time women have had babies in communities with plenty of other women around who could check in with new moms and give needed breastfeeding tips. Today we are a lot more isolated and that can put a lot of undue pressure on a new mom who may not have the support system to know the breastfeeding tips that one might get from their mother or friends. Early on in your pregnancy it can be extremely helpful to seek out a community of women who are also pregnant or who have been breastfeeding for a while. This support group could be online through facebook or even through organizations in your area like La Leche League.

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