Learning to Heal After a Traumatic Birth

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When you’ve suffered through a traumatic birth it can be hard to recover from the fear and pain of that experience. Sometimes it feels like you can’t stop reliving you’re traumatic experience. Trying to come to terms with a traumatic birth and raising a new baby is not easy and you are far from alone.

Although going through a traumatic birth is relatively unlikely for most women there is still a significant amount of people who have gone through exactly what you have. Learning to heal is never an easy task but we have many great examples in the blogging community to inspire us on the journey.

Seeking a Therapist After a Traumatic Birth

The number one most recommended step after a traumatic birth is seeking counseling. This part will take a lot of strength. Going to a therapist does not mean that you are weak, or that you are less of a mom. Finding a mental health therapist after a traumatic birth means that you are taking care of not just your well being but the well being of your child as well.

A therapist can help you work through your feeling in a safe place. When we go through a traumatic event we have a tendency to blame ourselves or others for actions beyond their control. Seeing a therapist will not only allow you to vent these feeling but to find peace with what happened and come to terms with the past.

Sharing your Traumatic Birth Story with a Community

One thing that I found most comforting was reading the stories of others, both positive and negative. When I found the courage to speak up about my own story I found the same safe community that I had watched comment on others stories, comment on mine. Having people who understand you and what you went through is valuable.

When you are searching for a community you have a lot of options available to you. Sometimes you can find great support systems in your community that might meet in person to talk about their experiences. Sometimes you can find your community online. Facebook, Reddit, & Tumblr all offer support groups from around the world that have experience with traumatic birth.

There are also bloggers that talk about not just traumatic birth and recovery but learning to give birth again. One of these bloggers not only hosts incredible birth stories and advice on making your next pregnancy less stressful but also provides expert advice and planning for her audience. If you need help planning for your next baby or want to learn about natural birth Returning to Birth is the place for you.

Building a Support System After a Traumatic Birth

Having a person or group that you can rely on in-person can be a huge step in the right direction. This person can be family or even a friend that understands what you have been through and can be there for you and your baby as you make a recovery.

Looking into the Details of Your Traumatic Birth

Sometimes looking into the details of your birth can bring you peace. If your trauma was caused because of not knowing what was going on this can help you to put your traumatic birth experience into prospective. If your trauma was caused by something that went wrong this could be your chance to get evidence of wrongdoing by your doctor or nurses. If you find that a doctor did perform medical malpractice in your case it might be a good idea to look into getting the help of a traumatic birth lawyer.

Having the details can help you to figure out not only what happened when you gave birth but to give you a chance to process what happened in writing

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