Medication Gaps for Pregnant Women

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When you are pregnant and a medical condition starts to arise most doctors don’t have a medication recommended for a pregnant woman. This can be life threatening for many pregnant women, especially those that are dealing with high blood pressure as preeclampsia can be deadly for pregnant women. It seems that when you are pregnant and in need of a medication that you could have easily used before, you not only can not take that medication but there are no alternative medications for you either. So why is there such a huge gap in medication for pregnant woman?

Medication for Pregnant Women : Why isn’t There Any?

Even though women represent 50% of the population and have been having babies from the beginning, we haven’t really progressed much in medications to treat this portion of the population. But why is there such a huge gap in medications available to pregnant women? Pregnant women make up a group of people that researches can not conduct research trials on. This puts pregnant women into the same class as children, the mental disabled, and the incarcerated. Because researchers are not permitted to test drugs on pregnant women there is always an uncertainty when a doctor prescribes you a medication.

Medication for Pregnant Women – Guess Work?

With not much research to back up medications effects on pregnant women a doctor might be prescribing medication on a hunch. This can cause terrible consequences for pregnant women and their babies. Many drugs prescribed on such hunches have been found to cause birth injury or death. Because of our inability to directly test the effects of medication on pregnant women we end up indirectly experimenting on pregnant women every time a medication comes up. Although it’s not clear where we go from here as far as researching drugs that are compatible with pregnant women, it does tell us that when we are prescribed a medication to be cautious about effects and to monitor your pregnancy closely after starting a medication.

What if a Medication Prescribed for a Pregnant Woman Goes Wrong?

If you or someone you know have been prescribed a medication while pregnant and suffered a birth injury to either you or your baby, you have options. When a medication leads to birth injury, finding a birth injury lawyer is of the utmost importance and can help you to pay costly medical bills. Contact Safe Birth Project if you need to contact one of our trusted birth injury lawyers.

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