Managing STIs During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

STIs During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and carrying a sexually transmitted infection (STI), you probably have a lot of questions: Can my baby get my STI? How will my STI affect breastfeeding? How do I manage my STI during pregnancy? In this post, we’ll probe each of those important questions while examining three of the most common STIs, […]

What is Gastroschisis?

Gastroschisis Causes Symptoms Treatment

It’s no surprise that when doing research on all-things-baby during a pregnancy, you’ll come across some scary stuff. Birth defects are one of the scariest things an expecting parent can learn about, whether they know they have a greater risk for having a baby with Down syndrome because of their age, or they’re just reading […]

Bell’s Palsy Risks: Pregnant Women and Infants

Bell's Palsy Pregnancy Birth Injury Nerve Damage

Last updated Jan. 9, 2018. The moment you give birth, your life changes. You’ve endured long hours in labor, and finally, baby is here! The last thing on your mind is you. You’re all about baby in the moment, how she’s doing, if she’s able to feed, and when she’ll be getting all her tests […]