C-Sections and the Risk of Birth Injury

As time has passed, C-sections have increased in popularity, with 32% of babies delivered in the U.S. via C-section as recently as 2010. However, despite a C-section being a go-to option for difficult pregnancies, birth injuries are still a huge risk when undergoing this procedure. Birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, are the last thing […]

Birth Injuries on the Rise in U.S. Hospitals

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As a new or expecting mother, you want to feel reassured that your baby will be born in the safest environment possible. While that is the expectation you should have, the reality is that more and more mishaps are happening during deliveries throughout hospitals in the United States. These errors have led to increasing birth […]

Marijuana and Pregnancy: Just the Facts

marijuana and pregnancy

Is it Safe to Use Marijuana During Pregnancy? Marijuana has gone through a lot of ups and downs in public opinion in the past 100-odd years and marijuana is currently experiencing a serious upswing. Canada has recently legalized marijuana, seven states and Washington, D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational use and 29 more states have […]