More Pregnant Women are Dying in Rural America. Why?

Maternal Death Rates Pregnancy Rural America

A new data analysis by The Wall Street Journal shows that more women are dying during pregnancy and from post-natal complications than they were 15 years ago — and small-town areas have seen the greatest increase of maternal deaths. Although healthcare continues to advance at astounding rates, sometimes the quality is not evenly distributed across the […]

Benefits and Risks of Placental Encapsulation

Placental Encapsulation Safe Birth

In Thailand, it is customary to salt the placenta and place it in an earthenware jar. In France, placenta has been used as a beauty treatment in skin creams. And in Cambodia, the placenta is traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf, nestled beside the newborn baby for 3 days, and then ritually buried. Cultures across […]

hCG Levels and What They Mean for Baby

Normal hCG Levels Healthy Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, the world throws a lot at you. Not only do you need to start thinking about the life growing inside of you and what it means for the future of your family, but you need to start taking action on a few things. From knowing what foods and medicines to avoid, […]