Normal hCG Levels During Pregnancy 

Normal hCG Levels During Pregnancy  Keeping Track  Being pregnant is hard enough without having to keep a close eye on your development during those long nine months. A simple way of both finding out with certainty that you are pregnant and following that pregnancy’s progress, is to measure the hCG levels in your blood. But, […]

Working out to Prepare for Pregnancy

Prenatal Exercise Exercises Before Pregnancy

With another New Year on the horizon, you may be like millions of other Americans vowing to get into shape. Books, magazines, and workout videos are in plentiful supply if you’re aiming to achieve a fit pregnancy. But what about getting into shape to prepare for your pregnancy? The prenatal period is as important as […]

Signs of a Miscarriage and What to Do After

Miscarriage Symptoms Pregnancy Birth

A miscarriage is one of the most devastating events that can occur in the life of an expectant mother. If you’ve endured one, you may wonder why it happened to you. Emotions from sadness to anger and everything in between are completely understandable. As heart-wrenching as a miscarriage is, it’s actually fairly common. The Mayo […]