The History of C-Sections and Why They Are So Popular in Hospitals

C-sections are on the rise with every birth taking place in the United States. This procedure is meant to ease prolonged labors and the damaging effects. One in every three times an American mother gives birth, it happens via C-section. While C-sections are relied upon so much, it is a potentially dangerous procedure that can […]

Could Forceps Be Dangerous for Pregnant Women and Babies?

Forceps deliveries can be unbearable for mothers considering the force used, risking a birth injury as well as maternal injuries. Forceps deliveries are assisted vaginal deliveries. Forceps are a medical instrument but are shaped like large spoons or salad tongs, and they help to guide a baby through the birth canal. For complicated labor, forceps […]

C-Sections and the Risk of Birth Injury

As time has passed, C-sections have increased in popularity, with 32% of babies delivered in the U.S. via C-section as recently as 2010. However, despite a C-section being a go-to option for difficult pregnancies, birth injuries are still a huge risk when undergoing this procedure. Birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, are the last thing […]