Moro Reflex and Apgar Score: Baby’s First Tests

Apgar Test Moro Reflex

Last updated April 28, 2017. Most babies are born ready to live on their own outside the womb. Some, however, need a little help. Maybe they were born early or maybe their development is a little slower. Just after delivery, your doctor will perform an assessment of your little one’s health to determine if more […]

Preeclampsia: High Blood Pressure and Your Baby

Superimposed Preeclampsia Treatment

Last updated Aug. 29, 2017. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in your body. It’s not just the physical aspects like your growing belly and sore feet — your body chemistry changes, too. That may cause harmless side effects like unusual food cravings, but it can also cause more dangerous health conditions. Preeclampsia is one […]

Epidurals for Delivery: Pros and Cons

Epidural Pros and Cons

Last updated Dec. 28, 2017. The thought of giving birth is intimidating — we’ve seen plenty of depictions of painful deliveries with screaming and crying and breathing exercises and fainting partners. Labor can be painful. You have to squeeze a relatively large baby through a relatively small passage, and that takes a lot of stretching, […]