Marijuana and Pregnancy: Just the Facts

marijuana and pregnancy

Is it Safe to Use Marijuana During Pregnancy? Marijuana has gone through a lot of ups and downs in public opinion in the past 100-odd years and marijuana is currently experiencing a serious upswing. Canada has recently legalized marijuana, seven states and Washington, D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational use and 29 more states have […]

Is Sex Ok During a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Sex and High RIsk

Being pregnant alters many things in your life, including your sex life. As you get further into the pregnancy, sex becomes more difficult to have but not impossible. However, if your pregnancy has been deemed high-risk, is sex worth the potential complications? Let’s explore what sex during a high-risk pregnancy involves.   Conditions That Will […]

The Dangers of Taking Antidepressants While Pregnant

antidepressants while pregnant

The Dangers of Taking Antidepressants While Pregnant While pregnancy brings with it so much joy, it is a transformative time that will alter your approach towards life. Dealing with depression doesn’t help when you’re trying to process such a critical life transition. In addressing your depression, you may be relying on antidepressants while pregnant to […]