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Aromatherapy During Pregnancy: Which Oils are Safe to Use?

Candlelit baths, therapeutic massages, and restorative yoga are all wonderful ways to pamper yourself during pregnancy. These luxurious experiences are often accompanied by the application of aromatic essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender. But are these oils safe to use during pregnancy? While many of your favorite essential oils may be safe to indulge in […]

Multivitamins During Pregnancy and Autism Rates

You’ve been taking your prenatal vitamins every morning since you started planning to get pregnant. Now that you are expecting, these vitamins are even more important. Prenatal vitamins before conceiving are essential for the optimal health of the mother to prepare for conception, while prenatal vitamins during pregnancy benefit both mother and budding child. In […]

Working out to Prepare for Pregnancy

With another New Year on the horizon, you may be like millions of other Americans vowing to get into shape. Books, magazines, and workout videos are in plentiful supply if you’re aiming to achieve a fit pregnancy. But what about getting into shape to prepare for your pregnancy? The prenatal period is as important as […]